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Last Lunar Eclipse of the Year

November 28th marked the last lunar eclipse of 2012, an unmissable event for the astronomers and sky-watching enthusiasts. The eclipse was visible in Hawaii, Alaska, East Asia and Australia. For those unable to witness the eclipse directly, a webcast was provided at

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Karachi, Pakistan

This lunar eclipse was a penumbral one, meaning the moon was passing through the penumbra, which is the outer, hazier edge of the Earth’s shadow. The effect was quite subtle, so there’s no need to worry if you’ve missed it – you’ll have three more chances next year, the earliest being a partial eclipse on April 25th, followed by two more penumbral eclipses on May 25th and October 18th.

November 28, 2012 penumbral lunar eclipse
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Arak/Markazi, Iran

If you wish to see some great professional photos of yesterday’s eclipse (and there’s also a gallery devoted to the total solar eclipse from two weeks back), check out that page on

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