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  • Last Lunar Eclipse of the Year Comments Off

    November 28th marked the last lunar eclipse of 2012, an unmissable event for the astronomers and sky-watching enthusiasts. The eclipse was visible in Hawaii, Alaska, East Asia and Australia. For those unable to witness the eclipse directly, a webcast was provided at

    Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Karachi, Pakistan
    This lunar eclipse was a penumbral one, meaning [...]

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  • The Beautiful Dinosaurs Comments Off

    Dinosaurs are the most mysterious reptiles that have ever lived on the Earth. Some dinosaurs were the size like a chicken; the others – like a modern plane. There were cunning hunters and blood-thirsty predators among them. But there were also harmless animals.

    The most dinosaurs lived on the land but some groups learned to live [...]

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  • Albinoses – who are they? Comments Off

    Albinos is a man who has perfectly white skin and hair all over the body. People, whose skin is light and the eyes are red, are average 1% from all inhabitants of the Earth.

    Albinism is not dangerous and it does not interfere with a person to live normally. But the eyesight may get bad later. [...]

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