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  • Joe Paterno – American Football Coach (1)

    Joe Paterno (1926) – american football coach – was born in Brooklyn, New York.

    At the beginning of his career he was playing on the position of Quarterback in the national team at Brown University. Since 1966 Paterno has become the head coach of the University of Pennsylvania. Then his team “Nittany Lions” twice won [...]

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  • South Butt Lawsuit (1)

    The South Butt is a cheap teen apparel. T-shirts available from $19,99. 18 year old student from Missouri, Jimmy Winkelmann maked his own apparel company 2 years ago.
    The logo of “The South Butt” is similar to “The North Face” logo.
    Now Jimmy is involved in lawsuit for trademark of “North face”. Check the logos:

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