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  • Larry Hangman – the soap opera star doesn’t shine anymore Comments Off

    Larry Hangman died on 23th of November, 2012. He was an America’s #1 soap opera star because of his role in fabulous 80’s show “Dallas”. His role as J. R. Ewing was Hagman’s the most successful work. Through his life this actor was captivated by his Dallas’ character. Is it really an artistic destiny?

    In this [...]

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  • Michael Douglas Comments Off

    Michael Douglas was born on September, 25th 1944, a son of Kirk Douglas and actress Diana Dill. Before to start acting in films, Michael had tried many professions: he was distributing coffee at cinemas, worked as the assistant of the director and so on.

    Today Michael Douglas certainly is a star of the first magnitude. He [...]

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  • Kevin Mccarthy Comments Off

    The actor was born on February 15, 1914 in Seattle. He began acting in films in 1944. McCarthy got the world fame as Dr. Miles Bennel in the picture “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956).

    However, McCarthy was a little offended by the fact that onlookers remembered only that his role. Despite this, in 1978, [...]

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