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  • Larry Hangman – the soap opera star doesn’t shine anymore Comments Off

    Larry Hangman died on 23th of November, 2012. He was an America’s #1 soap opera star because of his role in fabulous 80’s show “Dallas”. His role as J. R. Ewing was Hagman’s the most successful work. Through his life this actor was captivated by his Dallas’ character. Is it really an artistic destiny?

    In this [...]

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  • The Lovely Bones Movie Comments Off

    “My name is Salmon. Like the fish. First name – Susie. I was 14 years old when I was murdered. On December, 6th, 1973…”.

    The film transfers us to America in the beginning of 70th years of the last century. It’s very nice to watch this film. A bright picture, like taken from a postcard, is [...]

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  • Dedicated To Coming Out Day Comments Off

    On October, 11th, 1987 in Washington more than a half million of gays and lesbians came out on the streets of the city to struggle for equal rights. Since then this day was remembered as collective coming out (it’s also called “coming out of the closet”). Later this idea spreads all over the other states [...]

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