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Larry Hangman – the soap opera star doesn’t shine anymore

Larry Hangman died on 23th of November, 2012. He was an America’s #1 soap opera star because of his role in fabulous 80’s show “Dallas”. His role as J. R. Ewing was Hagman’s the most successful work. Through his life this actor was captivated by his Dallas’ character. Is it really an artistic destiny?

Larry Hagman. Role in Dallas

In this case it’s a truth. Larry Hangman was very talented actor and nobody knows what he might be if he didn’t get the role in Dallas.

The roles in soap operas are very dangerous for actors. They always think that the series are like a start of their careers, but it often may be called “the end of career”. With the role in soap opera some actor like Larry Hangman, get his minute of fame, but what next? Next is nothing. He can get any role in the serious movies, he just has some fans and they love him because of his role, not his personality.

The soap operas transform Art of acting to usual work. It’s sad. Primarily for talented actors.

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