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  • Rush for Nexus 4 Comments Off

    It seems that for the first time since many unsuccessful attempts Google succeeded to create better – handle Nexus 4 that has been swept off from the counters for a few hours on the first sale day.

    This long-waited launch was yesterday November, 27. The day before Google sent e-mails to some people who managed [...]

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  • The Modern Smartphones Comments Off

    All over the world sales of mobile phones are falling down, but smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Perhaps mobile phones will disappear from the shop windows as unnecessary.

    The modern phone has everything you need: Camera, Player, ICQ and Opera. The smartphone can work with different documents but… have you ever used on your [...]

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  • Do Smartphones Better? (1)

    In the present time smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Probably, smartphones will even displace usual mobile phones. So I guess it’s the time for us to think about choice the smartphone.

    Owners of smartphones have got irrefutable advantages. They can use information technology and mobile TV. Most smartphones have a voice recorder, mp3 player, [...]

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