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  • Narcolepsy – Chronic Sleep Disorder (1)

    One of 2000 persons suffers from narcolepsy. You may confuse it with mental derangement because this disease can show itself diversely. Meanwhile, it’s just a derangement of a sleep that meets more and more often.

    During narcolepsy at the person may be observed constant sleepiness. These episodes of sleep are usually short. The persons that have [...]

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  • David Beckham Comments Off

    David Beckham is already 35 years old. Although he is the one of the most highly-paid football players in the world and one of the best male model.

    It is already proved that if David Beckham takes part in any project, it will be successful. In the list of his advertizing campaigns there are many [...]

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  • Stacey Dash Comments Off

    Stacey Dash – the actress and model, known mainly in the U.S.A. She had been dreaming of becoming an actress from childhood, and she had achieved her dream of execution – in 1982 she played in her first film.

    Subsequently, she played many bit parts. Eventually her playing was so perfectly that she had accomplished a [...]

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