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  • I should have kissed her… (1)

    When the people say “I should have kissed her…” it’s all about love!

    One of the most important moments in my life was probably the day I met Caroline. There was a party at a friend’s house and I was so late leaving I nearly didn’t go. Just think, if I’d stayed at home, I wouldn’t [...]

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  • Like a bird… Nelly Furtado Comments Off

    The singer has presented to people her debut album «Whoa Nelly» in September, 2000. It had the worldwide success; mainly thanks to a single «I’m like a Bird». This single won first places of charts in Canada, USA and later – all over the world. Many famous performers appraised her talent and invited to work [...]

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  • Stacey Dash Comments Off

    Stacey Dash – the actress and model, known mainly in the U.S.A. She had been dreaming of becoming an actress from childhood, and she had achieved her dream of execution – in 1982 she played in her first film.

    Subsequently, she played many bit parts. Eventually her playing was so perfectly that she had accomplished a [...]

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  • Milla Jovovich Comments Off

    Milla (Milica) Jovovich – was born on Dec. 17, 1975 in Kiev.

    Perhaps, there are few people who haven’t heard her name. This woman can be seen on the covers of magazines or advertising cosmetics. Her name can be written in the titles of different movies and even on the CD with the songs of her [...]

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