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  • Amber Alert in Missouri Comments Off

    St. Ann police dept found 6-month-old boy. Amber Alert was cancelled. On Friday, December 28, police department issued alert for an abduction around 10 A.M.

    As it mention vehicle was stolen from the home with 6-month-old baby on a backseat. The vehicle was a white 2018 Audi Q3 with Missouri license plates.
    After a while the boy, [...]

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  • South Butt Lawsuit (1)

    The South Butt is a cheap teen apparel. T-shirts available from $19,99. 18 year old student from Missouri, Jimmy Winkelmann maked his own apparel company 2 years ago.
    The logo of “The South Butt” is similar to “The North Face” logo.
    Now Jimmy is involved in lawsuit for trademark of “North face”. Check the logos:

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