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  • Just Can’t Sleep! Fatal Familial Insomnia? (1)

    Last night I was fast asleep by 11 p.m., but I woke up again at 1 a.m. Even though I was very exhausted when I went to bed, I was suddenly wide awake and it was impossible to get back sleep again.

    That’s why I have been just lying there watching the clock change from three [...]

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  • Narcolepsy – Chronic Sleep Disorder (0)

    One of 2000 persons suffers from narcolepsy. You may confuse it with mental derangement because this disease can show itself diversely. Meanwhile, it’s just a derangement of a sleep that meets more and more often.

    During narcolepsy at the person may be observed constant sleepiness. These episodes of sleep are usually short. The persons that have [...]

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