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The ads with the Griswolds as a gift for Christmas

Imagine how will thousands of families in America celebrate this Christmas Eve? The matter is this festal week could take its swift step into their homes accompanied hand in hand with the newest holiday spots with the Griswolds. Old Navy is launching an upgraded strategy called “Gifts all the way” featuring Chevy Chase in the fiction – like ads for the retailer.

HomeAway ads with Griswolds

While brainstorming the marketing courses aimed at satisfaction of their target audience marketers dashed against that special idea and strategic decision of putting on sales the celebrities. Old Navy gifts everybody new meeting those whose careers flew up last century. They found proper and simultaneously nostalgic characters among the token family from the national series. Its unforgettable stars will occur by turns in five subsequent spots that to Old Navy’s opinion will stir the strongly emotional strings in hearts of its potential target groups: aged 25-35.

HomeAway Super Bowl ad
The shot from HomeAway’s Super Bowl ad – a couple from the 1983 “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.

The brand’s media analysts suppose such creative marketing could appear obviously a bang to turnabout in the retail advertisement market. The last one is taking economic crisis particularly hard.

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