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Dedicated To Coming Out Day

On October, 11th, 1987 in Washington more than a half million of gays and lesbians came out on the streets of the city to struggle for equal rights. Since then this day was remembered as collective coming out (it’s also called “coming out of the closet”). Later this idea spreads all over the other states of America and seven more countries.

The National Coming Out Day

There has been based a special organization to make different active actions, like appeals to mass media, demonstrations, private and public actions. And everything is for the sake of the simple sentence: “Yes, I am…”. And everyone should hear it.

On this day the LGBT communities of various countries become united whole. They tell about their life, their problems and achievements. That’s so fine, after those humiliations and persecutions to which they were exposed, to find so little man as you.

10/11/1987 – this day will remain in our memory forever!

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