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Milla Jovovich

Milla (Milica) Jovovich – was born on Dec. 17, 1975 in Kiev.

milla jovovich

Perhaps, there are few people who haven’t heard her name. This woman can be seen on the covers of magazines or advertising cosmetics. Her name can be written in the titles of different movies and even on the CD with the songs of her own compositions.

Strong, stylish, refined…this woman cannot be described by simple words. You can many times to review her movies where she speaks a little but fight a lot, or watch her on the podium but was not able to find the words.

milla jovovich with guns

Charming, talented – she became a muse for Besson, thanks to which she had acted in The Fifth Element that had placed her in the top.

«I feel like a woman of the world» – this phrase Milla said in an interview. And who could not agree more because this woman was loved in Russia, Ukraine and of course in the United States.

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