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I should have kissed her…

When the people say “I should have kissed her…” it’s all about love!

I should have kissed her

One of the most important moments in my life was probably the day I met Caroline. There was a party at a friend’s house and I was so late leaving I nearly didn’t go. Just think, if I’d stayed at home, I wouldn’t have met my wife. Anyway, when I got there a friend introduced us and we got on really well.

At a party we were having a fun and when I got home I thought: “Caroline is so beautiful! Maybe I should have kissed her.” Caroline was only for 4 weeks in USA – she’s Australian, you see – and she was supposed to fly back home the next week. But then she… then she lost her passport and I helped her to get a new one. Thus, she had to stay in USA for some time.

So, we spent a few days getting to know each other and before we knew it we were in love. We got married 3 years later. Now we’ve got two children and we are happy together…so far!!

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  1. Fate is an interesting “thing!” I met my wife in a club on a night that I almost didn’t go. In fact I didn’t get to the club until 1am, even though the band was done at 12:45. For some reason I still went and about 20 minutes after being there a friend introduced us. We now have two kids and have been married for 11 years. Thank you, Fate!!!