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Albinoses – who are they?

Albinos is a man who has perfectly white skin and hair all over the body. People, whose skin is light and the eyes are red, are average 1% from all inhabitants of the Earth.

Albinism is that

Albinism is not dangerous and it does not interfere with a person to live normally. But the eyesight may get bad later. Risk of cancer increases because the skin of albinoses is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays of the sun. It’s not possible to treat albinism that’s why albinoses have to be very careful.

The attitude to albinoses is very ambiguous in simple cultures. Somewhere they are like the messengers of God. Somewhere they are the damned creatures so sometimes it is not easily to live in a society for them. That’s why we should support them morally and do not believe those superstitions that are associated with the albinoses.

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