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David Copperfield – The Great Magician

The great magician, David Copperfield – has made the biggest enigma around his own life. We know almost nothing about it. Of course, it’s known by everyone – when he was born or how many times he had gotten an “Emmi”. So I guess that’s all.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield was born on September, 16th. His parents were natives of Odessa (Ukraine). They immigrated to USA from Germany.

David always had an exceptional memory. In 1974 the young man arrived in Fordham University. In 1978 he got an invitation from the ABC company as a leader of program “ABC Magic”.

In 80th David Copperfield traveled over the USA through and through showing his imposing plays. Later he traveled all over the world. Besides, David is entered into one hundred of the most beautiful people of a planet.

According to “Forbes” magazine, Copperfield used to take the seventh place among the most highly-paid people of show business. Now he’s somewhere about the twentieth.

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