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Oxycontin (Oxycodone) – Pain Reliever

About 6% of the inhabitants of the USA are dependent on anesthetizing preparations. One of such preparations is “Oxycontin”. It is used for the treatment of a heavy chronic pain (like a pain at a cancer). This is narcotic. If you increase a dose – oxycontin will exercise so influence on you as heroin.


“Oxycontin” is getting more and more popular among the drug addicts and begins to make a serious competition to heroin. First of all – because of the price. 10-20 milligrams of heroin can be bought for $10-25, the pill of oxycontin costs from 50 cents to $1.

By the way, we may not only swallow the pills, but also to pound and inhale – like cocaine. We can also dissolve them or do injections. As well as all drugs, oxycontin treats nothing. Every day you take anesthetizing for diminishing a pain bit by bit increasing a dose. And one day you will see that you can’t already live without these drugs.

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