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Narcissism – Such Unfamiliar… Self-love

In a wider sense, narcissism is any form of self-love. The persons with narcissism constantly feel the need of the praise and want to be the centre of attention.

Narcissism - self-love

Narcissism is a state when the sexual satisfaction is achieved by the contemplation of your own naked body or its bare parts. Narcissism is often shown in photos or movies of own body. The received materials are like the source of excitation for narciss.

In dealings with this kind of people you may feel yourself uncertainly because they love to pay attention to the shortcomings of others. The persons with narcissism will always appraise your appearance, your family and much more.

Narciss responds to criticism either cold closed or aggression. Another major feature of narcissism is the inability to love and be jealous. The partner is necessary to narciss only as a mirror for reflection of the loved one.

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