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Chupacabra, WTF?

Chupacabra – appears as coming from a nightmare… So, how did it all begin?


In 1967, a family of farmers claimed that their flock of sheep was attacked by wolves, but during the inspection was revealed that the sheep had wounds not as those that would be from the wolves. They are more like surgical cuts. In addition, all of the corpses were deprived of fluids. That is the animals died from blood loss. So who did it?

The press described the many cases where local residents met strange creatures some of which ended in tragedy, in other – people managed to get rid of Chupakabras. They are described as undersized humanoid animals with a large head and large black eyes give off a repulsive odor.

In February 2000 in various areas of Spain was marked by a high case of sheep. In most cases these events were accompanied strange circumstances which suggest that the loss of cattle due to unusual animals.

But despite all these facts, no one has not seen a mystical animal yet.

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