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Hepatitis C, or Gentle Killer

Among the virus hepatitis, the most insidious and dangerous – hepatitis C. At one time scientists had known about hepatitis C just that it “neither A nor B”.

hepatitis c and liver

Today doctors call it “gentle killer” because the virus may not to show for years. So when the patient appeals to someone for aid – it’s usually are too late.

Hepatitis C develops after contact with infected person’s blood into the body of healthy person. Today the most people are infected with hepatitis C through the use of common needles and other things for leading drugs in.

hepatitis c life cycle
Lifecycle of hepatitis C virus (HCV)

About 15% – 25% of infected people, virus “goes away” without any treatment. And chronic infection does not develop. It is not clear why this is happening in some of the infected. It is sad to realize that many people who are infected with “gentle killer” do not know about it because they do not feel them sick.